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Do you have stacks of statistics sitting on your desk? Do you determine your production goals based on "gut" intuition? The financial aspect of a dental practice is the cornerstone of business success. Our financial services provide clients with the framework to successfully manage their practices.

Annual Forecast

Determining expense and production goals can be a daunting task. And when the production goals don’t cover the bills, the first expense cut is owner’s compensation.

We solve this dilemma by helping dentists develop a “game plan” or Annual Forecast. We begin by identifying the costs associated with running your practice, as well as your personal cash flow needs. Then, based on true expense allocations we develop the goals for doctor and hygiene production. This method of budgeting ensures you will be able to cover your practice and personal needs.

Practice PredictorsTM

Managing the numbers that you get each month can be overwhelming. We’ve developed a simple monitoring tool to help you identify the effectiveness of the practice management systems in your practice. Our Practice Predictors can be completed quickly and easily from the data supplied by your practice management software.

We use these monthly monitors to help you identify the symptoms of the sicknesses in your systems. Practice Predictors are the practice management tool that measure the effectiveness of change in your practice.

Then, when the action plan is implemented we measure the effectiveness of the implementation using statistics and Practice PredictorsTM. These provide monthly monitoring numbers that identify the symptoms of sicknesses or weaknesses in your system and tell you exactly what to go fix.

Bottom Line

Statistics provide a picture of the ongoing strengths and weaknesses in your practice.







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