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How to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Practice Success

Practice success means different things to different practitioners; it might be increased profitability, reduced stress, or empowered and productive staff members.

Regardless of your definition, practice success is a direct result of patient satisfaction. When patients are satisfied they:

  • Say yes to treatment.
  • Schedule their appointments.
  • Pay for their treatment.

To achieve patient satisfaction Odell Consulting Group emphasizes the ongoing relationship between the practice and your patient. This approach is proactive vs. reactive.


Because each practice has its own unique characteristics, we analyze and incorporate the unique success points of each practice into its customized plan for change and improvement.

Our training sessions result in clearly defined action plans for improvement in your practice. OCG seminars provide general education and team building.

In conjunction with our customized trainings, our consulting services provide your "accountability loop" while you implement your action plan. We're here to be your experts, coaches, and mentors.


Do you have stacks of statistics sitting on your desk? Do you determine your goals based on "gut" intuition? The financial aspect of a dental practice is the cornerstone of business success. Our financial services provide clients with the framework to successfully manage their practices.

OCG's financial services include tools for measuring the level of effectiveness of your action plan implementation. Details...

Your Goals

There are myriads of motivations for incorporating practice management consulting in your practice. Your motivating goal could be stress reduction, increased profitability, staff issues, transitions; each practice is different. Because of this we keep each practitioner's goal as our key measurement for success instead of pre-packaged empirical measurements.

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